Love & Logic

I (Katie Heady) have recently had several Mops moms as well as some from tots inquire about putting together a Love and Logic class for them. the cost of the class will be $20 for the 6 weeks and includes all materials. If you did not know I am a Love and Logic facilitator and absolutely love teaching it. I am finally ready after Demsie to get back to it.

For those of you asking yourself what the heck is Love and Logic? It is a parenting class that has been around for over thirty years. Love and logic gives parents fun and simple techniques for.....

Neutralizing arguing
getting that 2 year old out of the house on time
beating the bed time battle at any age
and just about anything your little darling can throw at you. we even go over chores and allowances.

So if you are feeling like you could use a good laugh and a few more weapons to add to your parenting arsenal I would love to share all I have.